Photography Workshop – Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

A 4 week, online, creative workshop to guide you in finding your voice through your personal projects

Life is too short to not participate – but too valuable not to remember it 

Breaking the Glass Ceiling, a workshop geared towards helping you to find your groove, push you forward, and inspire you with your personal projects.  How to look beyond just “the moment” and produce images that are visually interesting, memory-worthy, and also showcase the relationships of the subject(s) being photographed.


• Building Confidence: knowing the value of your work and how connecting with your subject, personal life or passion project will help you grow artistically

• Finding Your Voice: how to see the beauty in your everyday can translate into a stronger portfolio for your business gaining you clients that envision the same type of imagery for themselves.

• Inspiration: where to look and how to harness beautiful experiences into your own creative voice

• Deciding on the moment: how to decipher what is not just meaningful but also emotive

• Lighting: see light in a new way, understanding how light moves around in your home, how to use it to your advantage  + finding unconventional opportunities with light to keep your creativity up.

• Posing/Directing:  More understanding as to how/when you should engage vs sit back and observe in order to elicit the type of photos that move you and your viewers

• Perspective: pushing the boundaries on how to create unique photos even when the days seem the same

• Expanding your horizons: the importance of pushing yourself in personal projects and opening yourself up to all the amazing opportunities that await you

and more… 

Included in the workshop ~ exercises to help find the light, weekly assignments to connect with your subjects and open your thinking to new ideas, daily open dialog on the images shared within the private FB group during the course, video feedback on the final project, additional 2 weeks after the course has ended to continue to review the material learned.

The first run of this course will be a BETA RUN – this means seats are limited to 8 participants at a discounted price, in return participants are expected to give feedback along the way as well as partake in an online survey after the course has finished. Seats will normally price at $250 —

BETA RUN SEATS ARE: $150. to sign up click on the paypal button below.

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Where others find stagnation and get stuck in the mundane routine of life I found the challenge exciting.  Sticking to a project like this is not something that comes easy- It takes intentional thought, dedication, and time. With that also comes reward, personal growth and satisfaction. 

*A working knowledge of your camera is required. Students must be able to confidently shoot in manual mode to participate as this is not a skills heavy class. Active Participation students will get the most out of this course with access to a DSLR, SLR, your favorite prime lenses, and editing software, as well as the ability to share images created throughout the class.