I’ve always been a helper.  The one who you call (or text – these days) when you want to know –

just. about. anything.

Seeing people achieve their goals, find the answers, better themselves (in biz or personal), improve on a skill or task… heck, write a better email to a client! I really love seeing it happen.

Katie, a talented photographer, someone who had been shooting for a few years – decided to take the plunge and move her work towards a documentary approach.  Wanting to gain clientele that are as passionate about real life imagery as she is.

She felt overwhelmed.

Having coming down from the high of finishing some inspiring workshops. Ones giving her new skills, and marketing knowledge she was having a hard time putting it all into action.

Wanting to find a person who had walked down the same path she was… Stacey, a skilled photographer and videographer, savvy business woman and someone with a huge heart and the willingness to help at any time AND specializing in documentary photography and films made a perfect fit.

Having someone help her with business and sales strategies, holding Katie accountable and giving her a safe place to bounce ideas, come up with successful email campaigns, Facebook ad’s, photography specials, video editing questions and more really helped her grow in business

in ways she had never even considered.

So, your thinking… ok great, this chick likes helping people- maybe she’s even pretty good at it…

But how can she help ME?!

have you ever hounded your partner or a friend to help you on any of these topics? I know I have!

  • tweaking your website design/content
  • help coming up with blog entry topics
  • how to turn those entries into more website traffic
  • creating email blasts
  • tweaking those photography special template designs/wording
  •  struggle with pricing
  • putting together a cohesive pricing page and/or client guide
  • making your existing photo packages make you more money!
  •  convert over to IPS
  • structuring your next photo special
  • how to get your photos or videos seen to larger audiences
  • putting together a successful fb ad campaign

Maybe you just need someone to help talk you through a shitty day “At the office” or be a fresh pair of eyes to your latest edit or film.   Sometimes it is helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of.  Someone who’s in the biz and “gets it”.

That’s me.  Your newest accountability partner, to help keep you on track, to mentor and help get those creative juices flowing in the right direction… Ready for THIS year to be YOUR year..?  Get in touch, find out the details, and make it happen!


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