Unscripted Keepsake Films & Investment

Liz_Kids_VideoStills-003As a mom, Liz was always between wishing away the tumultuous moments, then longing for them back once the kids moved on, and onto the next phase of life.

As her kids continue to grow up she realizes, life grows and evolves before our eyes. What makes us who we are is in our daily habits: The hugs, kisses, sharing a favorite snack, pushing of hair behind an ear, wiping of a nose, the look in our eyes when we see each other first thing in the morning.

These are things that can’t be posed or contrived. But they are also things that may be easily forgotten, lost in the shuffle between activities and milestones. To create a memory of this happy, crazy, chaotic, precious, short time in our lives is such a gift.

“This experience was effortless to be in — because it was just us being us — and so beautifully captures my kids and our relationship right now. Best of all, it shows me as an active participant — something I can’t achieve behind the lens of my phone. I am so grateful to have had this experience.  It’s like holding time in my hands….”

An Unscripted Session is more than just a photoshoot.  It’s creating a window into your life.

Captured forever on film.

Unscripted, documentary sessions give you natural moments that capture what your life is like at exactly this moment in time.  They allow the personalities of each member of your family to shine through in a way that nothing else can.

A family film session is a luxury for so many people.  All of my sessions are highly tailored to accommodate your family’s needs and desires.  I work hard during our pre-consultation to make sure your expectations will be met and that we have time to document exactly what you have envisioned.  I want this experience to be the most fun, relaxed, and memorable session you’ve ever had!   See for yourself, take a look

All films require a $200 deposit.  I take only 2 weekend films a month, and book out as far as 3 months in advance. 

Ready to learn more? View the 2016 Client Guide for detailed session information, pricing, inspiration ideas,

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