“Living is a Creative Act”

I share my life with my amazing husband, fondly known as “McMorg” , my two amazingly adorable little girls, Remy and Luca, old man Ewok dog~ Wickett, and our newest addition ~ our GINORMOUS goldendoodle pup, aptly named Kodak.  I grew up and have recently returned to raise our family in the only double hyphenated town in the country, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ.

I have a head full of big curly hair and love to wear glasses. I watch movies with the lights on, love to go to thrift stores while on vacation and take road trips no matter the final destination. Hate the cold but refuse to leave NJ (at least for now ;)) My mother is crazy, but also my best friend.  I went to summer camp as a young girl and can play Jewish geography with the best of them.  I studied fine art photography in college at UNM ~ where the light is always amazing and the land is full of enchantment.


L & R photos by the amazing Jenny Grant digital imaging

In 2015 I made a decision to go back to my roots and add an element to my business that I felt was lacking in both my personal and profession work and shoot in a style I have always loved… candid, honestly documented photography and family films.

The desire to document our lives (yours and mine!) as it truly is.

I’m a big believer in doing as I preach… Soooo.. Want to see a little sneak peak into my day? Check out MY family film of me and mine at home.


My own father passed away when I was 11 and some of the most cherished photos and home movies I have are the ones with him in them.  Memories such as our family outing to the balloon festival – Which includes a favorite family photo,  one where Im on his shoulders, and my 2 cousins are on the shoulders of my Uncle and Aunt… and crazy thing, I have a video to accompany it – where I hear my fathers voice, and get the opportunity to remember him say “Stace, watch Michael while he’s walking down those steps.”  These moments in life are precious and fleeting – realizing I needed to do better for MY family has created this intense desire to want to share it with all of YOU, and be the one to help document those moments- otherwise lost and eventually forgotten.

 Know that the beautiful images and everlasting memories that are created while we are together means the world to me.

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