A Note on your 5th Birthday – Luca

Happy Birthday Sweet Lu!

How is it that you are turning FIVE!! You my little one, my last baby, my forever baby are growing up. Luca, my sweetie you are THE MOST loving child I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  My little one, my last baby, my forever baby you are growing up.. Your willingness to give hugs and kisses and tell me how much you love us (and most of the time me haha) is something so special about you. You warm the hearts of everyone who gets to know you. Winning them over with that sweet little voice, big blue eyes, slightly messy (even if it’s been brushed) hair, generally happy, spunky and always bopping personality.

You’re fabulous at drawing and love to create pictures of your family, friends, tv shows, dogs, and everything else under the sun. You sing loudly with a beautiful voice and a slight lisp that I just adore and you are still the loudest crier anyone has ever met! You have big feelings and emotions and are very particular about the way things feel or fit which can sometimes make it hard for us – but we are working on it. It will come. You are so smart and even when we think you aren’t paying attention, you are! I love it when you come home from school and tell me in great detail what you learned.

Cooking and helping us in the kitchen – even when we are rushing to get stuff done, not you. You bop in and remind me to slow down and be present, to enjoy you and your sweetness. Recently you graduated preschool and are well on your way to “the big school”. While you will always have the love and devotion of your big sister – you have made some of the most wonderful friendships over the past few years including Alex, Lucia, Hattie, your preschool crew to name a few.

We decided this year to put you and Remy back together in the same room – it has been such a blessing – sharing, working together to resolve problems, bringing comfort to each other, it’s awesome to see. Four has been one of my favorite years with you thus far.. you have changed and grown in so many amazing ways… I can’t WAIT to see what FIVE brings you. Little Bear, you have a heart of gold and kindness. For being such a little person you sure do love BIG! Happy Birthday my most gorgeous angel – I love you so much it makes my heart burst with pride and love.

Love always,
Your Momma.

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