A Note to my 7 Year Old – Remy

 To my sweet, vivacious Big Love. My Remy. On your 7th birthday I want you to know that, I’m blessed to have my dreams come true- to be a momma and of little girls was always in my heart. But I am beyond lucky to have YOU, this amazing person as my daughter. This year was the first time I was able to stop and REALLY see your beauty. We talk more often, snuggle longer at night, I get less frustrated with because I SEE you now. My sweet, caring, kind, SILLY, strong, super smart little girl. When I think of you, I think of kindness. Your ability to figure out how to get what you wants without hurting anyone in the process – it’s a gift, to choose kindness over everything else. To see you choose to make sure Luca is happy too even when the moment is about you, to stand up for someone who needs a friend in their corner even if it means you might get hurt in the process, to stay true to yourself in all aspects- from clothes, music, activities, you are your own self. You give me reason to pause and choose my words wisely when I speak because you take it all in and have always understood more beyond your years. My first born you have taught me so much. Reminding me that life is an adventure, pushing me to show you girls how beautiful this world can be even with the ugly in it- cause that’s what you see. I love your beautiful little face more and more each minute of the day – no matter the parental frustrations, each day being your momma is a joy, a gift, an adventure and honor. I’m lucky I get to see you grow into a beautiful human being.

Fun facts about my girl for her 7th trip around the sun
-She’s all about summertime, swimming, climbing, cheerleading, skateboarding, coloring, listening to music in her room, and the never ending gymnastics moves that drive us all insane. hair and fashion she’s on it. From braids and high ponies to headband selection to skinny jeans, high top sneakers motorcycle jackets and black dresses this girl has always loved fashion and has a style envious of her momma 😂

– her besties remain the same- Luca, Lucia, Abby and Ophelia. While new friends are great always making time for the ones who “knew you when” has been a good lesson already learned.

Bottom line.

You my girl are a force to be reckoned with And I have the privilege to call you my daughter.

Happy birthday my tiny dancer – never forget to walk to the beat of your own drum, sing your heart out, adventure hard, stay kind, love your family fiercely and be strong.
❤️ your momma.

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