A Note to my 4 year Old – Luca

My Lulu.

HOLY COW we made it to FOUR!!!

My sweet, crazy, imperfectly perfect Luca, you light up my life from the inside out.  At 4 you are full of sass and you know it.  You love your pup kodak, playing with figurines, your stuffies, listening to The Beatles, anything with chocolate, “pink ravioli”, chicken fingers, your friends Alina, Sidney, Alex and Lucia.  You love your sister fiercely but together figured out how to push each others buttons.  One of your favorite things to do is have sleepovers with your sissy, and at night you like lay in your bed and “read” books till you fall asleep.  You know how to write you name, recently figure out how to pump your legs on the swing, you love to color like crazy – you’re a fabulous artist,  and always want to “get it right” when you are creating something and I commend you for it.   You still love to make a mess wherever you go and seek out mischief.

I love that at teacher conferences the teacher tells me that you can.not.sit.still.  You need be busy all the time – YET, when asked a question about the book or lesson you know the answers inside and out, know exactly what is going on even though it seems like you arent.  You give some of the VERY best hugs, snuggles and kisses and have the best laugh. Oh, and still the LOUDEST little tiny person I know.  You never stop moving, climbing, dancing, wiggling or singing that is, until you find your figurines, or a coloring book- then you are in the zone for as long as I let you.  I LOVE that you are content to play on your own,  dont often ask for TV, and are happiest to be at home.  To others you can come across frustrating, difficult maybe even infuriating! … but for all the annoying times you pull on my clothes, jump on my back for a strangulating hug, and have the unnecessary tantrums – I love you more each moment of the day even still.

I seem to “get” you – and you get me.  I love how when I tell you “I wanna eat you up! You yell WITH KISSES!? I say of course, and you respond OK- GO!” At the start of year 4 I wish you the best of everything yet to come.. more snuggles, kisses, more learning, reading, time together as a family… more fun with our friends and lots of time playing and living your best life.

As we say to each other on the daily,  “Luca, stay my little baby forever… never get big and grow up.”  You reply – “Ok Momma! You write to the tooth fairy and tell her – I’M GONNA STAY YOUR BABY FOREVER.” DONE. Im writing that tooth fairy on.the.daily.  Please, stay my sweet sweet sweet babe for a lifetime.  Stay kind, loving, perfect, crazy, and unapologetically YOU.

I love you always.  Happy Birthday my sweet baby bear.

Love, Mommy.

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