Childhood Memories.

Do you have a favorite photo from your childhood? One that you look at and memories and feelings just come RUSHING back at you? This photo does that to me. It is connected to some many visual memories of this time in my childhood… to my dad…my family. Every year my parents and I, along with my uncle (dad’s brother), my Aunt and my cousins would go on a few family trips together.. we did a lot of things together as kids actually.

But this was one of the summer trips we would take. We’d go to the New Jersey Balloon Festival. Stay at a nearby hotel, swim, go in and out of the festival, watch the balloons go up and down, and all that fun stuff that went along with it. I just remember the hot, summer air, the sounds, all the people… I remember swimming at the pool in the hotel and I have VERY vague memories of the mayhem that the adults took on – (I know from stories that when the 4 of them got together it was always a little “ridiculous”). So, this photo feels extra special to me. It has people I love in it, a place that holds a memory so dear. ⠀

Do you have a memory like this…?

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