What have you read lately…?

It’s a new year – and resolution keeping is HIGH right now. Ever since I’ve read,  The Japanese Art of Tidying Up – I’ve made a conscious decision to do my darnedest to simplify. It’s been an on going process, I won’t lie. Sometimes I fall off the wagon.. But overall the concepts in the book are good ones and I try to stick with them in ways that work for us – they give you the PUSH you need to open the drawers and get rid of the stuff you dont TRULY NEED.. things that dont bring you joy. I remember the first round I did after reading the book – I went into my cabinets and got rid of all the old medicine, hair products, etc.. I then did the same thing for my kids toys, my clothes (which I think needs to happen again btw… Im in phase where i just wanna wear BLACK…?! 🤷🏻‍♀️) But yah, It was refreshing. ⠀
So, maybe add this to your list – even if it’s just a short term resolution… simplify. Do we REALLY need 10 of the same shirt – esp if we dont LOVE it…? Do we NEED 10 bottles of shampoo – or just one really amazing organic one?! Im slowly simplifying my life, letting go of excess. Getting rid of the TOXIC things in my life. If I could, I would pick up and move to a tiny house and go extreme – but I think my husband would KILL ME.  So for now, Im going to just purge, purge, purge. 

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