One Month DOWN – 2018 here we come!

2017 was an interesting year for me. I had plenty of professional “highs”. Things like; accomplishing my 365 project, creating and executing my workshop and mentorship offerings, featured on blogs, FB pages, paid magazine ad, photographed lots of wonderful, amazing families along the way, I feel as though in many ways I had “Arrived”, yet I felt the walls closing in more and MORE… I struggled A LOT with happiness and contentment in my work life. I felt the strain of work vs life balance pull, tug and twist me more then ever before. I completely broke down. I felt content as a family of 4 but toyed with the idea of more babies just as an excuse to shut my doors (which is a foolish reason to have a baby), I realized I had hit a financial ceiling and thought screw it, less bookings would make me happier, but it’s hard when you need to contribute to your family’s monetary well being.. so I kept up with my hustle regardless of our happiness. ⠀⠀
⠀⠀After MUCH discussion with family and friends, 2017 suddenly became a year of new opportunity. Sometimes you cross paths with the right person at the right moment and a lightbulb goes off, the answer becomes suddenly clear. Photography is a HUGE part of me. My 15 year business is not closing it’s doors – BUT I have decided at the same time I need to refocus my energy into this amazing opportunity for personal and financial freedom. Towards the end of 2017 I started on a path of family wellness, chemical free living, healthy eating, fitness, and simplifying our lives. I am BEYOND excited about my new opportunity and the friendships I have started to cultivate on this journey. 2018 here I come… this is my year for CHANGE – life change, financial change, wellness change.

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