I am Momma Hear me Roar

On any given day we show our true colors, we show where we succeed as people. As parents, spouses, children, co-works, etc… we all have MANY weaknesses, moments and areas that we want to do better, be better. But rather then focus on the negative, Be positive show your strengths. For me, a strength that I had learn over time, to build confidence in, to find and surround myself with people who appreciate me for ME – This strength, one of individuality.. of free spirt.. it is a strength I pride myself on. It’s one I am instilling in my girls on the daily. It might be frustrating when they “run a muck”, sing at the top of their lungs in whole foods, I might cringe at their outfit choices and backwards shoes – yet, at the same time – I am proud. I NEVER want my children to feel they need to compare, compete, feel less than, or shut down by someone else. It’s not always easy to be you- to wear your curly hair while everyone else want it straight, or stand up for a friend when they are being picked on, to dance to the music in their head, to lay down in a parking lot and do snow angels cause it makes them happy 🤷🏻‍♀️, – but if my girls continue to show spirit and wear it proud.. I’ve done something right as their mother. ⠀

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