My newest obsession – Essential Oils with Young Living

So I’ve alluded to this new business venture I’m taking on – well, here it is – laying it all out on the table for you!  Im now a distributor for Young Living’s Essential Oils – and let me be frank. I’m not like 90% of the ladies who start this business.  I DID already use Essential Oils – but very minimally.  I was never taught or truly encouraged to use them and all YL has to offer in the ways that could benefit my family and I.  It was all very loosey-goosey- and I fell short on that end of it – so I didnt pursue it more then what was handed to me at the beginning.

I’m probably the 10% out there that decided that while I didn’t “Fall in love with the products” before deciding to sell them – they were 100% something I could get behind, the company was something I believed in as a product and a business model and I knew I WOULD use and find ways that the oils and MANY other products would fit into MY life and in return I could make this a new career opportunity that could better my family financially and also healthwise!  Seriously people – not only are these oils, and the chemical free household, and beauty products F-ING AMAZING but also, the business opportunities here are ENDLESS – which to me was what I need to hear and SEE. SEE PERSONALLY. Not just some random, unreachable person whom I never get to know for myself – but like, MY FRIEND, MY NEIGHBOR – she is my reason for starting this – I see how it’s changed HER life and I want it, I can taste it for my own.  Im going to do something totally “business-y”  So far in the past 2mns I’ve made $1000!!! That is awesome for not having to hand hold my clients, leave my home, and just teach people about the wonderful uses of these oils! Here is the totally business-y thing Im gonna do. Im gonna post their income disclosure statement and link to the page on YL’s website for you all.

If you’re curious about essential oils as either a business OR how the oils can change your life and onto a path to wellness and a chemical free home – we should chat – no joke.  You can reach me at artlovesoils @ gmail . com


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