A New Year – a New Me.

Welcome 2018!

Do you ever have an epiphany about something in your life, maybe meet someone who inspires change, who helps you see that there ARE other ways of doing things, being things, living differently.  I feel lucky enough to have had that experience recently.. to have met people that are inspiring change, bringing joy, allowing both personal and financial growth and freedom!  Within all the mayhem of the fall photography season I befriended a fellow kindergarten mom and she re-sparked my love for young living and their essential oils – which I’ve used on and off for over 3 years! Meeting her – in many ways is changing everything for our family.  It has opened my mind up and giving me a path towards organic and holistic wellness, living as clean a life as we can without harmful chemicals, and for me – at this juncture also the prospects of financial freedoms I can not achieve with photography alone! 

It is so exciting for me to announce OFFICIALLY that I am now an active distributor with YOUNG LIVING .  I am seeing women and men change their lives both health wise and financially with this business and Im COMMITTED to doing the same for myself and my family.  Network Marketing truly gives you the opportunity to live a life you might never have dreamed of!  I am so so so SO excited about this endeavor and new chapter in my life.  Photography is still here, but this is also something I need to do FOR ME.  I need to know that I can do and succeed something else too!  I have always JUST BEEN A PHOTOGRAPHER… My heart was crying for something new and something more… I found it.  It’s exciting.  I LOVE that this journey is also about sharing and collaborating and building others up.   If you’re interested in learning more – about the oils, about the business, about my WHY – I would be THRILLED to share it with you!! you can comment below, email me, text me, PM me… whatever floats your boat!  We can chat online or grab a coffee.. I want to yell this business and their goodness and helpful products to everyone!

These two crazies inspire me everyday to build business and make it into something amazing… what’s stopping you from doing the same??! 

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