A Note to my 6 year old – Remy

To my Remy on her 6th birthday

Holy cow, where has the time gone.  I can’t believe it.  Over the past 6 years you have continued to amaze me in so many ways… from your compassion to your sass to the way you NEVER stop asking “why”.  You are one of the most beautiful little creatures I have ever had the pleasure to meet my sweet girl… inside and out.  You have a sincere kindness about you that truly makes my heart sing with joy.  To know that you do not let others dictate who you are, what you feel, what you like, or wear, or who you should be friends with makes me the most proud I could ever be to be your momma.  NEVER stop being you and doing you.

This year we hurdled over a big milestone, you started kindergarten!  With that you have also started to really grasp the concept of reading – which is so exciting and new.. It is really fun to see you putting the pieces together and make it all happen.  You have decided that for now your passion lies in gymnastics and with the start of the school year you also started soccer – and I have to say, you are quite good… I hope it is something you continue to pursue and enjoy as the years go on.. We have met lots of new faces and names in the last few months – but our old relationships with our Framilies have remained and when asked you confidently list off your besties – the same way you always had… Abby, Lucia, Ophelia and of course Luca.

You are crazy obsessed with the monkey bars and climbing almost anything you can find – tree, telephone pole, you name it, you will try to climb up it!  Thankfully by 6, you have started become more “adventurous” with food – and will now eat cheeseburgers, chicken sausage, steak, carrots (on a regular basis) goat cheese, brie are amongst your new willing to eat foods.  While you will love your sister something fierce you are also learning how push her buttons (and mine) when it comes to your relationship… I know this is just par for the course and we will have a lifetime of squabbles but there are by far a lot more joy and fun times then there are fights.

This past year, you learned how to be a bit more free… you will dig for roley-poley bugs and worms with Luca, you went fishing with friends, you swim in the deep end with little need for me, you’re learning to roller skate and skateboard, you run barefoot in the grass and have water fights with your sister in the driveway… and my most favorite, you’ve embraced driving with the windows down, the music turned up (just a little), and appreciating the beauty of the world outside…

Remy, my Big Love.  As always, the person you are becoming astounds me.  You have a heart filled with good.. you bring joy to all those who know you.  I am and always will be – proud to call you my daughter.

Happy birthday sweet, sweet girl. You are so greatly loved

Love, Mommy

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