Pumpkin Picking with the Family. Bergen County Family Photography

I don’t know about you, but Im not a big – get on the hayride, trek through the fields to find the “PERFECT” pumpkin kinda mom.  It really stresses me out.  I always have these grand visions of how fun it would be, the awesome photos I could be taking…  but, in reality – I just get annoyed that each girl is running the opposite way, I have to carry all our “Stuff” so I generally all hot and sweaty, the hayride made me nauseous and I worried about Luca falling out cause she wont sit still… SO, I’ve become more aware that Im more of a, lets go to the cute farm, look at ALL these pumpkins (talk that shit up to my girls so it sounds awesome) and then have them throw some pumpkins into the cart or wagon, grab some donuts and have a good time eating them before we head out to the next adventure kinda mom.

You know what,  Im ok with that.  We don’t have to make EVERYTHING we do with our kids epic and do what everyone else is doing. Instead, we should really, truly focus on doing those epic things with them on things that WE TOO also enjoy!  Like these photos – we spent about an hr in total – from parking the car to packing up the pumpkins and moved on to the next part of our day.. the part that my girls, Morgan and I were really looking forward to… ROLLER SKATING!  (Which Ill share in a new blog entry for you all shortly ) The entire afternoon was amazing.. no drama, no massive freakout over pumpkins, yummy donuts, and an amazing time together doing something “Epic” for all of us.


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