The one who has my soul…

When momma gets her new Fujifilm X-t2 camera and wants to play with it – she is a willing participant as long as she has my undivided attention… This 2nd child of mine has my soul.  (Don’t worry.. my big love – she has my heart…) She is my sweet, feisty, walking contradiction of a child… she is the one that gets up and runs from you when you want to put on her undies, always has stains on her knees, and is most comfortable slightly disheveled.  She is also the sweetest, kindest, gentlest soul I ever came across.  She tells me “I love you momma” at least 100x a day… I revel in the moments we spend together alone.. knowing that in a year from now this time together will end and she will be older, and in school… but for now… it’s me and my bear.

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