Our View. A visit with Friends Summer 2017 – Chargin Falls, Ohio

Did you see last week’s session post? The one where we spent a quick 24hrs with our amazing Ohio besties.  I had mentioned that while here or there you might  see my girls or Morgan those photos really were created to showcase our good friend, Alex, Mike and their 3 kiddos.  It was an interesting challenge for me, to spend the day dividing my attention and my “photo mind” between capturing images for someone else, and to look for those moments of meaning or uniqueness for someone else but also switching it and looking to find those for myself too.  I wanted to be respectful whenever possible to not have my girls or my dogs in TOO many of their photos, but and at the same time I WANTED them in ours – since for ME it is part of my daily life on that given day. Im SO glad I did the photos for our friends – and at the same time continued to document my family for me as well.  Sooo.. here is the flip side to Alex and Mikes photos… which if you havent seen yet, click HERE


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