Something fun to do on weekend, Kayaking in Bergen County, Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve

As a momma of young kiddos Im always looking for fun, new things to do with them.  Something different to expose them to and get them interested in.  A friend of mine kept posting images of herself, with friends, her kiddos on Facebook of them all kayaking and paddle boarding.  I kept thinking to myself I GOTTA do this with my girls and the dog! So I asked, and low and behold it was at one of my favorite spots, Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve, in Franklin Lakes NJ.  Apparently a local store has a shed at the preserve where they rent these boats and paddles out by the hour.  Well – holy cow – I was on it!!! We were going!! Im SO glad we did!  The girls truly enjoyed it – even paddled a bit.  I then found out that you can also take your dogs out on the water kayaking and went back a few days later and took Kodak with a friend and fellow Doodle lover 🙂 Again I had a blast and so did K-dog.  Who is a proud owner of a bright orange outward hound life vest! 😂.  I want my girls to have as many new experiences as they can starting at a young age.  I want them to know that there is more to life then just what they know – and that they can find a love for all types of things and enjoy and explore and be prepared too for whatever life throws at them.  I KNOW we will be back to the FLNR for some kayaking – a bunch more times before summer ends… It was amazing to see their joy and just give them a place to go where they just had to soak life in and there was no escaping it.

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