A Roll of 36. – Photography Challenge, Breaking the Glass Ceiling.

Some of you might recall the days of film photography.  Where you had to put that light sensitive, hard metal canister INTO the back of a camera pull that tab of film over, crank it till it caught and quickly close the back of the camera – excited to shoot your 36 frames and see what magic you’ve captured.

Last Sunday I challenged the members a facebook group I run called, Breaking the Glass Ceiling to shoot a day in their life within the confines of 36 frames – much like a roll of film.  The other part to this challenge, that you had to keep your camera on the same ISO (what your camera’s light meter is reading the light at) for all 36 frames.  You could change the other functions of your camera, like your Aperture or shutter speed… but ISO – HAD TO STAY THE SAME.

Anyways, this morning I picked up my camera and decided today was the day I was shooting a Roll of 36.  I went with ISO 800 – since I knew we would be going in and out, possibly shooting in lower nighttime light, etc… it was a good, happy place for me :).  I would be lying if I told you it was easy to stay within the 36 frames.  We are so used to overshooting just to get “the shot” however, taking a step back and focusing on THINKING before shooting was excellent practice in self control.  It also made me much more aware of how I shoot everything in 3rds or more.  I know, as someone who used to shoot film that not every shot you take will be great and that you end up shooting more crap then good stuff… but when you have the ease of a digital camera it certainly makes it easier to just go nuts!  I will def do this again for myself – and going forward, even with client sessions shoot with even MORE intent, slow down, and wait for the proper moment.  Anyways, here is my day.

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