A day of adventures, NYC Style. Documentary family photography, New York City

We did it.  We braved the big, bad city of New York all on our own.  Momma Bear and her two crazy girls in tow.

I realized something on Friday as I woke up to rain and the idea of being cooped up inside was not one I was willing to face… I realized that I can do ANYTHING I damn well put my mind to.. even just the seemingly small task of taking two suburban kids- who don’t get the idea of “stay close to mommy” so quickly and spend the day out and about in one of my favorite places on earth.  So I packed up my shit, texted one of our family besties’s and we made plans to meet up in NYC at some point that day. But before I left I posted in my FB group a challenge for the day.  To spend the day capturing the details. To see the moment with finite eyes.

I’ll admit. I struggled a bit at first.

I did not have the comfort of my own home to look for those details I often would rely on for memory making… I started to notice early on in the day that I was pigeonholing myself into what I thought had to make something a detail. I realized for me, in this day the details were not JUST about what you’d THINK a “small detail” would or should be..

It was about more.  The action, the freedom, the excitement, the energy of the city. It was a detail in and of itself.

Does any of this makes sense even?! How can a small detail NOT be a small detail, but still be a small detail…?!  Well, it can.. see.



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