Remembering Life, the messy way.

As a parent there are some days you have grand plans to leave the house, get shit done, take your kids to the park, go out to dinner, but instead, we do the laundry, read them a book before bed, watch tv, eat at home, play in the playroom and so on…

Life, and many of its most important moments happen AT HOME. I know many people cringe at the idea of someone else seeing their “stuff”, the mess, maybe they feel their home isnt their forever home, or they haven’t updated the decor in 10 years… But here is – that IS reality and instead of running from it – just roll with it, make it part of the history you leave behind for your children – give them an opportunity to look at those photos or video and say “OMG, DO YOU REMEMBER THAT CHAIR! Mom sat in it every night and read us a book in it!” – and oh, btw that chair was a hideous grey recliner from lay-z-boy – bought on sale but big enough to sit both kiddos without a fight taking place. And you want to know what they AREN’T looking at..?  The PJ’s thrown on the floor next to us – sitting in the chair… you know why, because those PJ’s ain’t all that important.

Is there a spot in your home you’d love to remember… ?

















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