Sometimes you forget how lucky you are, until someone unexpected reminds you of it

The other night Morgan and I took the girls out to dinner, we were sitting there doin’ our thing – Luca playing musical chairs and hoarding all the tortilla chips while Remy just asked me a million questions and dunking her fries in cheese sauce…. Our food arrives and gentleman in his 70s from the table next to us leans over and says kindly – “Your girls are adorable, enjoy these moments… they grow up so fast.”  A phrase parents hear often.  Morgan responds with “Ahh.. thank you – we try, when they are not driving us crazy”  The man then says to us, “Im sure they have their moments. We never had any children of our own… and as an old man, it is my biggest regret in life.”  He continues to say… “I find myself watching families with kids, and wishing I had this experience for my own, a family to have made our lives complete, memories to look back on as an old man… So, enjoy them.”

I guess the point of this blog entry is this.  Us parents – of young kids, of teenagers, of grown children… we are all SO LUCKY.  Even in our most hectic moments, the ones that make you long for those days of freedom, sleeping in, clean homes, regularly scheduled showers, and the list goes on… we are still lucky.  Cause, there will always be someone who wishes to be in our shoes. Someone who would long for a box full of life’s memories to look back on.. for moments that becoming fleeting but are part of their fabric of life.  This job that I do – for as often as it pulls me away from my own family – it brings me to yours, it allows me this amazing opportunity to create a wonderful memory for you to hold onto and look back on.  I appreciated this sweet mans honesty – and it got me thinking.  How fortunate I am, and how important my job as a documentarian for others really is.  It gives you all the freedom to be PART of life and still have a chance to relive it.  Thank you once again for sharing your lives with me, for allowing me the opportunity to help fill your shoebox full of memories..


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