Holiday Traditions Family session with the C. Family – At home Family photography, Mahwah NJ

The holidays hold something different for everyone, and each family has a tradition that is different.  For us, one of MY favorite traditions it is our annual Latka party for Chanukah… there is always something near and dear to our hearts worth remembering.

I texted Meg the other week and said… Do you want to do a holiday traditions photo shoot… her response… YES!!! I seriously love this little family.  For many many reasons.   But I also happen to know this family has a love for Christmas, and with that, their yearly tradition to decorate a gingerbread house together.  I also appreciate cool they are to just be as they are and happy to have me there to document that for them, mess, mayhem, cheerios on the floor and all.  They prepared mentally for the potential mess at hand and rolled with it 🙂 Which I know is hard.. it’s hard to see your clean kitchen (and kids) get dirty, the idea of powdered sugar and candy all over the floors is probably not ideal to a family with little ones.. but sometimes it’s all about the memories you make, not about the messes you have to clean.  Thanks Meg and Nathan for always letting me come over and help you make a mess – for the sake of real life, art, and memories.  Love you guys and your freakin’ stinkin’  cute ass kids!  XO ~ S




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